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Exhibition Stand Construction Build up

With the latest technologies for exhibition booth building and the highest quality materials. Quazen incorporates the latest production and technical improvements, highly developed materials to build unique projects. With the capabilities to design and build exhibition stands for every industry, products and services.

From London to Italy, From France to Germany - Find Exhibition Stand Construction Solutions

From planning and constructing exhibition stands across Europe to ensure the supply of major exhibitors participating in major German trade shows, providing production management and build up services from London to Milan, to building in Paris trade fair center spectacular trade show booths – everyday our teams across Europe are shaping the exhibition industry.

Here is a showcase of our most recent iconic and complex exhibition booth projects.

Exhibition Construction Services

Quick, inventive and detail-oriented.  Covering construction, installation and build up of exhibition stands for international exhibitors, world brands, for all industries and business sectors.

Custom stands – System Stands – Double Deck Stands – Outdoor 

Engineering Expertise

Unique stand design and construction. Our vast experience in construction has been instrumental in the successful completion of hundreds of projects.

Wide spectrum of Services

Our teams offer the full range of specialists, design development, construction and exhibition management expertise.

Custom Manufacturing

As we understand the exhibition industry, presentation technics, we create custom solutions for every branch.

Exhibition Marketing

Exhibition presentation and branding. Development and assistance


Find an associate which will keep control all your exhibitions through Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK. Exceptional environments are applied by our project management team to assist your exhibitions with fresh designs, administration resources, exhibition marketing strategies, stand construction and build up on the fairground.

modern exhibition design
exhibition marketing stand construction


In the exhibition building market, Quazen specializes in constructing custom stands; for every industrial, technology, retail, and heavy industry health, services hospitals; transportation, and technology facilities; manufacturing, retail and special construction and extensive interior constructions. Its capabilities include complex custom construction, construction management, design-build, design-assist and turn-key project development. Quazen also provides fast, accurate preconstruction project management services. During the past 10 years, Quazen has performed with Activteam exhibition stands, construction services for more than 2,100 customers.

Custom-made exhibition stands.

Unique exhibition stand design Concepts for every industry and branch

Refreshing designs and innovation

Progressive exhibition stand designs - Research highlights

Understanding Customer Expectations

Understanding your wish to complete a project on time and on budget and achieving that is our commitment.

Construction build up Europe wide.

Get easy and organized design and build up service and supply for multiple exhibitions