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Exhibition Stand Builder for European Trade Show

Exhibition stand builers using the latest technologies  for all requirements of European exhibitions. Producing  stands with the highest quality materials, Quazen incorporates the latest production and technical improvements. Highly developed components to build unique projects. With the capabilities to design manufacture and build, exhibition stands for every industry, products and services.

Quality Exhibition Stand Building

Producing exhibition stands made with the highest quality materials, Quazen incorporates the latest production and technical improvements. Highly developed materials to build unique projects. With the capabilities to design and build exhibition stands for every industry, products and services.

Low Cost and high-end exhibition stand construction, custom and pre-build booths services. Partnering with Activteam exhibition stand design and build, constructor for exhibitions in Germany Italy, UK France.  Quality construction contractor in Europe.

Our exhibition booths range includes a wide variety of Low Cost system stands, pre-build and reusable stands and complete construction service.


When researching exhibition stand builders with the capability to build custom-made trade show booths, for every business and every requirement, find our  building package deals. With all around and ideal service support, for your international booth enquiries and special demands.

From grand attention-grabbing custom-built stands to more price-conscious pop-up stands and banners, each stand type has its own merits and drawbacks.

Exhibitors must have a clear idea of what their most important aims are for an event. Are you simply looking to have a presence at the event and not too concerned with how impressive your stand looks? Are you looking to make a big statement and broadcast your business’ dominance in the marketplace? Are you concentrated on getting your brand’s unique benefits across to your customers? Have you been concerned about sustainability and reusability? Do you want to save money on repeated exhibiting?

With the use of custom build development and a range of natural materials you can easily structure any form and build any design, that can bring your suggestions to life in an environmentally mindful and cost-effective way, while also delivering high-quality. Eye-catching design and booth style that are that will provide strong impacts.

Utilizing the most productive elements, delivering advanced construction capabilities with wooden constructions, iron, plexiglass to produce exclusive custom stands. With production of any forms from wood, iron, plexiglass.

Utilizing the latest engineering innovative advancements and machinery. Aside from building custom exhibition stands from wood and steel we can certainly also fabricate special constructions using acrylic, glass or plastic materials.

The materials used to build your exhibition stand have a drastic impact on its look and feel and will be different depending on the type of stand you choose.

Common exhibition stand build materials include:

Timber – Aluminium – Vinyl – Paper – PVC  boards – PVC graphics – Acrylic – Structural plastics- Glass -Laminates – Paints- Fabric.

We have been specialized in backlighted panels, and well recognized for constructing illuminated surfaces, floors and walls.Your answers to these questions will determine the type of stand, and the materials, that are right for your business.
Curved walls and customization are very important and can increase interior quality, ambiance, and also improve the presence in general.

Stand Design and Build

New ideas that reimagine the way we design and build.

Exhibition Booth Builders - Services Overview

With a full range of specialists, design development, construction and  management expertise.

Exhibition stand builders europe wide

Exhibition stand build services accross Europe, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland. Italy, France.

Exhibition stand build

Request a design or a quotation for your upcoming trade show.


Find an associate which will keep control all your exhibitions through Europe, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK. Exceptional environments are applied by our project management team to assist your exhibitions with fresh designs, administration resources, exhibition marketing strategies, stand construction and build up on the fairground.

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In the exhibition building market, Quazen specializes in constructing custom stands; for every industrial, technology, retail, and heavy industry health, services hospitals; transportation, and technology facilities; manufacturing, retail and special construction and extensive interior constructions. Its capabilities include complex custom construction, construction management, design-build, design-assist and turn-key project development. Providing fast, accurate project management services. During the past 10 years, Quazen has performed with Activteam exhibition stands, construction services for more than 2,100 customers.

Understanding Customer Expectations

Understanding your wish to complete a project on time and on budget and achieving that is our commitment.

Construction build up Europe wide.

Get easy and organized design and build up service and supply for multiple exhibitions

What Exhibition Stand Build Services you Need When Preparing Your Next Event?

When researching for exhibition stand building contractors, it is imperative to find a contractor that integrates the most recent skills and has the capability to create and construct for each industry, product category and services range that covers the entire exhibition manufacturing and supply chain. Find an exhibition service provider that is using the most up to date technologies for exhibition stand manufacturing and also the greatest value materials.