Exhibition Stand Builder in Italy

Exhibition Stand Builder in Italy - For Multiple Trade Shows

We build your exhibition stand across Italy in all major exhibition centers. Using the latest technology we build using the best materials.

We know that it is important to incorporate the most recent technology and manufacturing improvements. High-quality materials for building distinctive projects that appeal to the Italian business culture.

When presenting in Italy, get a single point of contact. Find with Quazen a partner which can handle all your exhibitions through Italy in Verona, Vicenza, Bologna, Rome, Milan and more.

Presenting in Italy

Exhibiting in Italy the cultural differences, particularly regarding the method used to showcase products and services, and how to design an exhibit stand that has the ideal design to enhance branding and a solid presentation strategy is the first thing to consider.

In the search of an exhibition stand contractor with a specific understanding of how to build an exhibition stand that is uniquely designed for the Italian public, with a particular focus on the Italian culture and how it influences businesses from other countries to develop their own concepts for exhibition stands.

The more details about the country the company is able to comprehend the more it is able to design the most successful presentation.


Exhibition Stand Contractor Services in Italy

For building your exhibition stands around Italy including, Verona, Vicenza, Bologna, Milan.

Expect the development of your own design and construction, including complete solutions such as furniture, multimedia, construction, transportation, and setting up on the fairground for the important Italian exhibitions.

Engineering Expertise

Unique stand design and construction. Our vast experience in construction has been instrumental in the successful completion of hundreds of projects.

Wide spectrum of Services

Our teams offer the full range of specialists,  development, construction and exhibition management expertise.

Custom Manufacturing

As we understand the exhibition industry, presentation technics, we create custom solutions for every branch.

Exhibition Marketing

Exhibition presentation and branding. Development and assistance

EXHIBITION Stand builder FOR ALL trade shows

In the building market for exhibitions, Quazen specializes in constructing custom stands, for all industry, technology, retail as well as heavy-industry health transport, and manufacturing facilities retail, specific construction, as well as extensive interior construction.

Quazen’s capabilities encompass complicated custom construction and management of construction, design-build as well as design-assist, and turn-key project development. It offers quick, precise service for managing projects.

Over the last decade, Quazen has collaborated with Activteam exhibition stands and construction services for more than 2100 customers.

exhibition marketing stand construction
Unique stand design and construction
Custom-made exhibition stands.

Unique exhibition stand design Concepts for every industry and branch

Refreshing designs and innovation

Progressive exhibition stand designs - Research highlights

Understanding Customer Expectations

Understanding your wish to complete a project on time and on budget and achieving that is our commitment.

Construction build up Europe wide.

Get easy and organized design and build up service and supply for multiple exhibitions