Booth Design Tips


Color can aid the organization to develop a color strategy and remain consistent with characteristic colors
It can give emphasis to create a fine exhibition stand.

Colors are important element can change a booth, and the feelings of those in it, in a heartbeat. To make an impact with color, consider blue hues when you want an overall calm, tranquil vibe, or shades of red to increase appetite and stir up customers passions.

Lighting element produces a larger impact than most people notice. Just consider the differences in natural light between two opposing. These exhibition stands enjoy different exposures, which can have a huge influence on the ambiance of the interior of the booth. Your exhibition stand atmosphere can be further altered with an accent, task and mood lighting.
Think of form in terms of the style of furniture, presentation elements or space itself. Good form is achieved once the proportions and scales of the interior are spot-on.

Furniture and objects, which obviously add functionality, as well as style and personality to space.

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