IFA Berlin Exhibition Stand Design & Booth Construction

IFA Berlin Exhibition Stand Design & Booth Construction

IFA Berlin is the largest electronic products trade fair worldwide. Based in Messe Berlin, the upcoming IFA Berlin will welcome exhibitors and 250,000 visitors. 50 % of them are dedicated trade visitors seeking to strengthen their professional networks and conduct business. Over 6000 journalists attend the exhibition every September, and bring the latest innovations, cutting-edge products and trends to a worldwide audience.

The leading trade fair for your digital world gathers together top manufacturers, developers, retailers, purchasers, government representatives and associations. Each edition of IFA Berlin shows a steady growth in the number of displayed products and services, not to mention – business deals, exhibiting brands and visitors.

One of the essential obstacles for exhibitors is to always add value to the brand. Completely new and progressive elements need to be added to the existing event advertising mix. Factors that excite the senses of potential customers such as flat screen videos, images, music and lighting help to develop a unique ambiance and presentation experience.
An impactful, intelligent created exhibition stand is one that creates, awareness interest and choose preferences within a short distance of the stand approach.

Visual attraction will hold consumers interest, transforming passive interest into active buyers, boosting the profitability. With the right quality and quantity of information, the empirical results are almost endless. Visual transmission by putting the product, service or brand at the point of attention by making it as a title character.
The objective is to make evident the attributes of a product or service in order to favor the selection process of the customer. Achieving this through the organization of messages, visuals, multimedia and presentation techniques is a challenging and individualized process. Effective booth creation and designs related to the purpose of the event implementing the exhibition targets in the design is is a key point that the exhibition stand design company needs to think about.

Franco Stera is Executive Marketing
Overseer a exhibition Marketing author support, assist throughout exhibitions, exhibitors brand and exhibition marketing objectives.

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